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Strength to Care

Lessons from Matthew & Isaac – Our CHARGE Syndrome Journey

Our magic clothes dryer…

The secret is out. The Troupe’s have a magic clothes dryer in our laundry room. It is a normal one, just like the one you may have but it has, according the Matthew, one feature yours may not. Ours makes and is the source of all new pajamas. He checks it several times a day just to see what may have appeared since the last time he checked…ten minutes ago. You see, we have a rule in the Troupe house: All clothes purchased or donated new or used have to be washed first. Matthew figured out a long time ago as his obsession with clothes and fabric grew into this pajama phase…if you tear up your favorite pair, no problem…there will always be a new pair “magically” being created in the dryer. When returning home from an outing and shedding the mandatory street clothes…check the dryer. Wake up in the morning…check the dryer. Diaper change…check the dryer. So our lives go at home. All the more reason we are so thankful for our new house with main floor laundry.

_mg_9348Of course, we all know pajamas just don’t appear out of nowhere, right? One of us has to always scour garage sales, second-hand and thrift stores to score pajamas (he is especially fond of the footed blanket sleepers). On a side note, big boys are not especially fond of the footed pajamas, hence Matthew is primarily decked out in pink or purple ones adorned with princesses, puppies, hearts or kitty’s. Matthew doesn’t care, he will just accessorize. We have become pros at checking second-hand stores and looking for the tell-tale signs of strollers and play equipment that say: “this garage sale has kids clothes!”.

_mg_9315Silly boy…pajamas do not magically appear in the dryer. Pajamas are a lot of work. Work and effort Matthew will probably never know or understand how much sacrifice and time went into his next pair. Does it really matter though? Are we ever looking for a thank you or recognition? Not us. No recognition required, no thanks needed. We do it out of love and a desire to make Matthew’s life, despite the stares, even though kids may look at him like he is from another planet, even though people point and snicker…we desire to make his life meaningful and happy. Happy to wear blanket sleepers out-of-season…Or even pink ones with kitty’s on them out of the house to begin with.

As I was reflecting on this Magic Dryer post I could not help draw the comparison of our God. He isn’t necessarily looking for thanks or even recognition. He takes care of us even though we may never acknowledge the work and the sacrifice that went into the very breath that He provides for us. Or the price He paid for the sin we are constantly in battle with. He is always at work.

“The call of God in the lives of believers means that God has been at work with them, and the evidences of grace reveal that He is at work in the present…They need to know because so often they’re unaware. Too may Christians are more readily aware of the absence of God than they are of the presence of God, and they are more aware of sin than they are of grace. God is at work…” C.J. Mahaney, Humility: True Greatness

Far too often I am keenly aware of the absence of God. When, all along, he has been hard at work scouring, not for pajamas but scouring my very soul from crimson to white as snow. Working high and low to prepare the way for my every move. Far too often I go to the Magic Dryer of prayer with my list of wants and desires when what I really need to do is thank him for who he is and nothing more. God, you are my provider.

How often do you check the Magic Dryer without a thought or a thank you to the one who provides and is at work even when we think he is absent?

_mg_9584I am writing this post on the eve of a big “complicated” (surgeon’s words) surgery for Isaac. We know all to well how God is our provider and our comforter in these difficult surgeries and procedures. Would you take time to pray for this next surgery? Specifically it is on his stomach. A repeat of one he had about a year and a half ago. We also know of the power of prayer. We have seen the very fingerprints of God when people pray on our behalf. Thank you…you are a vital part of our journey. As always…yes, you may share our prayer requests. It is our joy in life to be able to touch another family who is struggling with raising a special needs child or two or more. We find ministry is being able to share our lives our struggle and our triumphs along the way. Leave a comment below if you wish.

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