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Strength to Care

Lessons from Matthew & Isaac – Our CHARGE Syndrome Journey

What People Are Saying About Kevin’s Book

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Strength To Care: Reflections for Parents of Children with Complex Medical and Special Needs (Volume 1)

“I have personally been blessed having known Kevin and his family for years and having had the opportunity to see their family grow in numbers, in spirituality, in suffering and in joy. Having experienced life with them and seen them through all the various seasons of their lives, I can honestly say, no other single family have had more impact on my faith that you can truly experience God’s joy and peace in the midst of suffering and hardship. The Troupe family have lives most of us cannot imagine living, but that offer them a unique insight into the majesty of God through the eyes and lives of children with special needs. This book will allow for a sneak peek into the lives of a family who has the privilege of experiencing things most of us will never experience – God through the eyes of the least of these.”

Steve Gibson – Lead Pastor, Wellspring Community Church – Hudsonville, Michigan


“Kevin Troupe has given us a beautiful gift… Strength to Care is certainly reflections for parents who are blessed with children with special needs, but his audience is far greater. I do not have a child with special needs and I found this book to be a powerful reflection of Christ’s love for me. Whether you face the challenges of working with children or adults with special needs, face a fearful surgery, walk the journey of divorce or have fears that paralyze; this book offers hope and so much more.” 

From the book: “What hardship can you prayerfully hand over? What is your extraordinary destiny? I am learning my destiny is not in the hard work I do or my lame attempts to earn God’s favor. My destiny has everything to do with grasping how wide and long and high and deep is His love for me” – Kevin Troupe, Strength to Care

Judi Warner Director of Special Needs Ministry, Calvary Church


“In Strength to Care, Kevin Troupe lets you into his circumstances, life, pain, and hope of raising two special needs children. When facing a trial or tribulation you have two choices, to be bitter or to be better. Kevin and his wife have chosen to be better. They faced hard, difficult times but yet they have chosen to follow God and live in His grace, no matter the outcome.
Kevin asks the question, “If your life didn’t include (insert trauma, life changing event, illness, etc.) how do you think your life would be different?” Strength to Care offers hope and encouragement to anyone facing a trial, which would be everyone in the world. The prayer at the end of each chapter gives strength and confidence you can face your trial with God by your side.
I would have liked to have seen more of his emotions as his family faced these challenges.
I recommend this book for anyone suffering and going through a trial.”

Greg Sparks


“We would not change a thing because of the impact suffering and hardships have had on our lives. They have made us better people, better in ways which could never be explained on a resume” Kevin Troupe, Strength to Care
“What an amazing thing to say and live! Kevin and Theresa are living proof of God’s grace, comfort, encouragement and strength day after day!
This book is SO encouraging (once the tears have dried!) whether you are facing difficulties at the present time or gearing up for those to come!”

Carolyn Hartley


“Written with honesty and transparency that strengthens the faith of those who read. Although the challenges I face are much different, The principles remain the same. This book reminded me that God’s plan is always best and the outcome designed for my good.”

Kimberly Abe


“Wow, is all I can say. This book is written from the heart. Each chapter ends with a prayer, which make this book more inspiring. No matter what you maybe facing at this point in your life. This book worth reading!!”

Michelle Wagner