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Strength to Care

Lessons from Matthew & Isaac – Our CHARGE Syndrome Journey

May peace today be within…

The Troupe’s have been busy…surgeries, hospital stays, illnesses, busy work and school schedules…not unlike your own lives. Thank you for your faithfulness in praying us through the many trials and triumphs we face!

We have great news to report! After an 8 month search for a safe, usable floor plan and conveniently located home…We feel we have found and have an accepted offer on a new home for the Troupe’s! More details to come after we clear all of the inspections, approvals, etc. The short is that we have found a new home (to us) in Hudsonville just 20 minutes from our church family which also happens to be where Kevin works. Quicker than the 30 minute drive we have now. We are still in Ottawa County which was important for the relationships and services we have had for the past 12 years for Matthew and now Isaac.

The house we are looking to purchase has a great spot for Isaac to reside in...The only appropriate spot for his crib/bed is against the wall, directly beneath this saying...we though it was quite appropriate. Hopefully Isaac won't mind the purple...

The house we are looking to purchase has a great spot for Isaac to reside in…The only appropriate spot for his crib/bed is against the wall, directly beneath this decal adhered to the wall…we though it was quite appropriate. Hopefully Isaac won’t mind the purple painted wall!

We love the current home we live, our neighbors and the community…but, we have outgrown it in size, in safety and in function. The search was monumental and seemingly impossible to find the exact fit, all within a timely manner. We can’t deny that we were getting nervous and doubting the sale of our current home without having a new one in sight. We were down to the last 36 official days left to be able to stay in our current home which we had sold at the end of February. The countless hours of perusing homes online as well as going through, or setting up a time to go through (many sold before we could get there), had us literally crying out for answers. The “why” and “when” question rang loudly within our four walls. Interestingly, we were focused on looking for a house in the wrong county. It wasn’t until we started the process of switching services from Ottawa to Kent that we found that the services for Matthew and Isaac would have been drastically different. The following quote caught my attention:

“God will take you through places you don’t understand just to bring you to where he wants you to be. Trust Him.” Trent Shelton

Why is it so hard to trust? Especially since we have evidence time after time of how God connects the dots of needs and people to fill those needs, miracles in the operating room, unexplained healing and peace when chaos should prevail both in our family and those around us who are on a similar journey. I heard some good counsel this past week while commenting on how hard it is to predict and wait on God’s timing.  The reply was this “God doesn’t wear a watch but he is always on time…”. The following words were also monumental for me as we felt we were moving in the right direction (pardon the pun)

“May today be peace within. May you trust your highest power that you are exactly where you are meant to be…may you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith. may you use those gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you…May you be content knowing you are a child of God…Let this presence settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise, and love. It is there for each and every one of you.” Mother Teresa

Let his presence settle into your bones…This is where I was the week before Easter, sitting in our church’s prayer garden that was constructed to allow a place of refuge and prayer leading up to the remembrances of Easter. Months of anxiety of searching for the perfect home melted away and I allowed His presence to settle into my bones and allowed to feel one of the best feelings we can ever experience…peace. Oh, there is still doubt, still reservation on if we are doing the right thing…but, a peace prevails and there have been several small glimpses and reminders that we are right where we need to be.

Let His presence settle into your bones today…And, today be peace within.

Our prayer requests deal with continued healing…Isaac spent a few days in the hospital the week of Easter complications from a nasty cold bug…in fact, with Isaac on the 7th floor of the hospital Megan was on the 1st floor Emergency Room with the same cold and an asthma attack on top of it! Talking about being efficient…saving trips to the hospital! Also for the smooth transition as we do inspections, appraisals, and ultimately a move…possibly Memorial Day weekend.

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