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Lessons from Matthew & Isaac – Our CHARGE Syndrome Journey

Cleft repair #2…the Palate. Prayer needed!

We would like to send out a request for prayer for tomorrow for Isaac. He will be having his second cleft repair…this one on his palate at 10:00 am at the Helen Devos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids.

Isaac's first lip/nose cleft repair 6/2013

Isaac’s first lip/nose cleft repair 6/2013

If you recall, when we were about to have the first surgery, to close his lip and to start the repair of his nose, Sarah Anne, while explaining the surgery and how he may look different had this to say when we told her we were going to fix the hole in his lip…”Isaac has a hole in his lip”? When we explained that it would help him breathe better and to eventually be able to eat better she said, while crying: “I don’t want you to fix his lip…he is so cute the way he is”. Oh to be able to see beyond the obvious differences in others…

If you would like to read the original post before the first surgery you may click on this link There’s A Hole In His Lip?

Thanks again for being our prayer partners…we will try to update as soon as possible when he has been stabilized. He will be spending at least one night in the hospital.

We would welcome any thoughts of sharing this prayer request with your circle of prayer friends and family. Use the convenient share buttons below…



  1. Metro Health Allendale

    We will be praying at MEtro Health Allendale!

  2. annette skarin

    Hope and pray all is going well.

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