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Strength to Care

Lessons from Matthew & Isaac – Our CHARGE Syndrome Journey

Super Matt, Super Mom

I thought today would be an appropriate time to recall some content from a previous post A mom or a mule? where I talked about the strength it takes to be mom…especially of a child with special needs. I have read a particular article over and over that was written by columnist Lori Borgman…It is now buried in the archives of her writing, written almost 10 years ago, it is still being circulated frequently. Here is an excerpt:

“…I wonder how you endure the clichés and the platitudes, well-intentioned souls explaining how God is at work when you’ve occasionally questioned if God is on strike.

I even wonder how you endure schmaltzy pieces like this one — saluting you, painting you as hero and saint, when you know you’re ordinary. You snap, you bark, you bite. You didn’t volunteer for this. You didn’t jump up and down in the motherhood line yelling, “Choose me, God! Choose me! I’ve got what it takes.” You’re a woman who doesn’t have time to step back and put things in perspective, so, please, let me do it for you.

From where I sit, you’re way ahead of the pack. You’ve developed the strength of a draft horse while holding onto the delicacy of a daffodil. You have a heart that melts like chocolate in a glove box in July, carefully counter-balanced against the stubbornness of an Ozark mule.

You can be warm and tender one minute, and when circumstances require intense and aggressive the next. You are the mother, advocate and protector of a child with a disability….”

Note: to read the entire article click on this link: Lori Borgan It is a great piece and a must read…

This sums up my wife and the mother of our 4 children. I admire her determination that sometimes could be mistaken for nagging. I admire her ability to be able to make each of our children and a husband feel like they are the most important. I admire her ability to multi-task and even impress other younger moms in the church nursery on the way she can nurse a baby and change a diaper at the same time, on the same baby. I admire that, no matter how tired or how many things may still be on her list to do, she rarely misses a night of tucking all our kids in and sitting on thier beds to talk if needed…often sacrificing sleep.

She does all of this with an amazing super-hero ability. I found these inspiring words from someone who faced incredible odds, even until his last days:

Super Matt exceeding his 5 pound weight restriction looking for lost puzzle pieces

 “Anyone can give up, it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that’s true strength.” – Christopher Reeves

Too many people build their self-esteem and their identity in their career or job. Theresa is proud of the fact that she is first and foremost a mom and a wife. She is more than just the title of “homemaker” to us. Even if all she did was take care of the home we couldn’t afford her if the reward was monetary. I believe that if Matthew could say a word or two about his mother it would go something like the next quote:

“To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.” – Heather Cortez

I think that I speak for the rest of us in our family, we agree.

Thank you to all moms…bioligical, adopted or a spiritual mom or mentor…you are loved.

Many have asked if it is okay to share this blog about our Lessons from Matthew…not only is okay, but we emphatically ask that you would. We welcome any chance to show how good God is and how he is working through the power of prayer.

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  1. Mary Eggleston

    Hi Kevin,
    What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful woman. Well done!

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