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Strength to Care

Lessons from Matthew & Isaac – Our CHARGE Syndrome Journey

A Healthy Deposit

You may have noticed that I have skipped a few postings. The weeks leading up to a week vacation can get so filled with last-minute things and lists that need to be done. I gave myself the permission to take a break from writing as well to be able to reflect and focus on where this blog and book are going and what direction to take to get there. Thanks to all of you who have submitted feedback. I hope to include the ideas in upcoming entries. Check out the prayer list in the tag lines under the picture of Matthew in the car. If you have a comment please feel free to speak up.

While returning from a week of fishing I had the opportunity to drive through my old neighborhood. It is amazing how a flood of memories can come rushing through your head just looking at the familiar surroundings. Everything seems so much smaller, the yards, the houses, the sand lot where we played baseball, the hill we use to slide on, the skating rink, the walk to school. The only things bigger where the trees I used to climb as a kid. I sat there for a few moments recalling the time my bare foot got caught in the spokes of my brothers bicycle while I rode double on the handle bars. The times my brother would use me as a crash test dummy with a new design for a go-cart. The time I was Evel Knievel and tried to jump the fire pit in the driveway, only to have the handle bars and front forks separate in mid-air. Getting yelled at daily by the neighbor for going through, over or even near her flowers. Replaying the “Miracle on Ice” moment over and over on the frozen pond (a flooded and frozen field complements of a nearby fire hydrant) when the USA hockey team won the gold medal in 1980.

I often think about what kind of memories Matthew has. I am always amazed at how he can be playing or just laying on the floor and break out in laughter, for apparently no reason. What is he thinking? What does he dream about? I have no doubt that it has everything to do with puzzle pieces and alphabet letters.

Even though Matthew has 200-300 Place and Trace puzzle pieces from Discovery Toys, we know that he has everyone accounted for and a recollection of where he has left it. We are often carted to the car in the driveway during rain or snow for him to retrieve a piece that has been under the car seat for weeks. I have mentioned before the ones in our duct work or behind the fridge or under or behind the oven. All of them, like a deposit made at the bank, to be withdrawn at a further date.

I received a call a few weeks ago from Theresa proclaiming that Matthew had found a new cache’ for his puzzle pieces…the piano in the living room. He had been placing pieces there for about a week and now wanted to withdraw them. We have learned that the longer we wait to open a new cache’ the less likely he will put things there the next time. We waited over a week…the picture is what Theresa found behind the sound board of the piano.

We always enjoy the look, the laughter, the giddy sounds that Matthew makes when we recover a hidden stash for Matthew. It is as if they were brand new to him, then he takes each piece and looks at it intently, smiles and laughs as if he is recalling a memory of that piece alone.

What are the caches’ in your life? “Are you making deposits of success in every area of your life”? I love that quote from Dan Miller. It is healthy to make deposits of success in every area…your career, health, education, family and most importantly, your spiritual life. If things are seemingly going bad in one area, you have the others to draw strength and encouragement from.

Make healthy deposits. You may need to make a withdrawl in the future.


  1. Joel Shank

    Now that…was an incredible journal entry. Lesson learned!

  2. Mary Eggleson

    Thanks Kevin and Theresa (and Matthew, too) for a great lesson!

  3. Ann

    very nice! You always give me something to think about Thanks!