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Strength to Care

Lessons from Matthew & Isaac – Our CHARGE Syndrome Journey

An introduction to Matthew Troupe

This site is an attempt to encourage and inspire parents and those who work with the Special Needs community. We are a family of six who have been blessed with a child with special needs. The syndromes and labels do not matter as much as what we all share in common, that is, what unique challenges that we share. Hopefully this blog and the snapshots that you recieve from our experiences will make you laugh, make you cry and also challenge you to see everything that we are presented with in life as a chance to grow and mature.


  1. Lori Troupe

    Kevin you are an amazing brother and person. You too are an amazing support for Theresa as a husband, You are an amazing father too, to Hannah, Megan, Matthew,, and Sarah Anne. I’m proud of you, and and blessed to be Matthew’s Aunt.I love you, keep up the fight for Matt.

  2. Gary Crum

    God has blessed your entire family by placing Matthew within your care. Sometimes we do ask “Why?” but in your case it’s “Why not?”. Matthew has some bumps in the road ahead of him, but with God in the center of this journey you can be assured that Matthew will be cared for and protected.
    Your constant smile speaks volumes! Aim high my friend, you certainly are an inspiration to those who are experiencing these types of challenges!

  3. Jim Wilkinson


    This is inspirational to a lot more than just those other parents of special needs. Your insights and encouragement reaches even to those of us who don’t have children of special needs. I think that in God’s eyes, we are all children of special needs. I think I am an expert poo slinger too.